Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did Carlos Pena lose weight?

First off, I would like to commend Carlos Pena's efforts today to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. 'Los was in the Dominican Republic during the quake and is doing what he can to help his next door neighbors. The St. Pete Times did a good piece on Pena this morning.  At 10 Connects, we covered his work raising money for the Red Cross.

However while watching the coverage, someone near me remarked that Pena looked as though he lost weight. I say that most ballplayers look smaller outside of their uniform normally, but this person claimed that Pena's face even looked smaller.

Since I'm not an expert on Pena's physique, I thought I'd leave it up to the Rays Revolutionary readers. Do you think Pena lost weight since his finger injury?

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