Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Rays relief pitcher really hates the Yankees

The Rays today signed righty relief pithcer Jeff Bennett.  The Braves recently released the 29-year-old a non-playing injury.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bennett punched the dugout wall during a June 24th game against the Yankees. He broke bone in his left hand and had to get surgery.  The Braves suspended him and quit paying him. Bennett filed a grievence and MLB said the Braves had to either pay him or allow him to become a free agent.  That's where the Rays found him today... and our good friend Mr. Spock, Joe Nelson finds himself in Durham for the next month or so.

Here's a link to some video of the Rays new pitcher when he spontaneously developed a bloody nose while pitching:

Here's a look at a blog from the AJC, where they recapped Bennett's night when he broke his finger: Mark Bradley Blog from June 26

I also found this article from after the game. Aparantly, Bennett was in such a rage that he forgot punching the door until he saw the dent and his hand started swelling. He pushed the bone back into place and then pitched another inning. He said he was "ashamed and embarrassed."... At least he's got a high pain tolerence. Maybe he can teach Scott Kazmir a thing or two.

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