Sunday, August 2, 2009

Strange jersey sighting at the Trop

As I hurried up to my seats in the upper deck on Sunday to catch the game with my family, I made a quick stop at the Rays store on the third base food court. It's not the big store, it's the smaller one. Imagine my surprise when I found, not 1 but 2 odd-colored Rays jerseys staring at me. I had to do a quick take.  So, I did what any good journalist/blogger would do... I pulled out my cell camera and took a picture.

So, what do you think? I may have to do some more research on them tomorrow, but I wanted to get the pictures posted to see what Rays fans thought of them. I actually think the blue one isn't too bad. I'm not as sure about the red one. 


Anonymous said...

Love the you I'm a little "eh" on the red one...hope they're still there in two weeks

Anonymous said...

I like the blue ones. The red...not so much.

Brandi said...

Like the others who have commented, I think the blue looks nice. The red bothers me...not only is it rather ugly, but it's not a Rays color. Was this some sort of 4th of July thing?

Anonymous said...

they look like red sox jerseys, ugly to boot.

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