Saturday, June 27, 2009

Citrus Series and Trop Talk

In case you haven't noticed, the Rays are on quite a tear now. Leave it to some interleague play to get the team on the right track and they didn't disappoint against the Marlins in the 1st of 3 in the Citrus Series... Tropicana Field style.  The Rays didn't pick up any ground yesterday, since all the other AL East teams won, but like I've said before: Worry about your own wins this time of the year.  Keep winning and you'll pick up ground.

Here are some things I noticed:

  • A healthy B.J. Upton makes this offense look real good. I'm pretty sure last night was what Joe Maddon dreamed about all off-season when he planned Bossman's move to the lead-off spot.  I've got to give Maddon credit for sticking with Bossman even as he was hitting around .150.  If he can keep up this production from the lead-off spot, watch out, the Blue Jays and Yankees will be eating our dust.
  • Bye-Bye, Sonnanstine.  The Rays sent Andy Sonnanstine down to Triple-A Durham and activated Scott Kazmir, who will start tonight.  I thought Sonny had a chance to prove himself the other night, but giving up 4 runs in the 1st isn't the way to do it.  The Rays have a logjam at starter and Sonny was the odd man out.  I think the Rays are stashing Sonny down in Durham as insurance against injury.  Maddon says he wants him to keep pitching his innings.
  • The Submariner makes his return.  To me, the Chad Bradford acquisition last year was huge for the Rays bullpen.  That guy got them out of plenty of jams during the stretch run to the World Series. Now, he's back with the team and off the DL.  The Rays had to designate Winston Abreau for assignment. But, I'm happy to see Bradford come back especially with the series against Toronto looming.
  • More Trop Talk.  More volleys in the Rays stadium battle.  The Times reported today that all of the area's political forces are aligning to keep the Rays in St. Petersburg.  Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio doesn't even want to discuss a possible move.  The economy has given them an advantage, but this economy isn't going to last forever.  At some point, other suiters will emerge and the Bay Area political establishment will see the heat turned up.  
  • Even More Trop Talk.  Some sent me this link from, comparing the ABC report on Tropicana Field to the reviews it received when it opened.  Good read. On a side note, I attended the opening day party at the Suncoast Dome.  The highlight: watching Reggie Theus, in a Magic uniform, drain 3's from a make-shift court on the concrete floor. A few years later, I watched Guns N' Roses in concert from about a mile away.  Axl was pretty small.
  • I promise this is the last of the Trop Talk.  I participated in St. Pete Times chat yesterday concerning the stadium issue. Besides learning that there really wasn't much insight from the chat moderator and that Twitter is a much better communication facilitator than a newspaper chatroom, I found a link of interest.  A guy in the chat posted a link showing why he believes the Rays will move to Tampa, exactly where the park will be, and he even works out traffic issues. Very well thought out.
  • Facebook and Twitter.  Many of you know that I'm very active on Twitter about the #Rays. I've started a facebook page for Twitter Rays fans. I know it sounds a bit redundant, but I think facebook allows a different sort of sharing as opposed to Twitter. It gives us our own little group. To become a fan, go to this link.  And to follow me on twitter, go to
  • Michael Jackson and the Rays.  If you haven't done it yet, make sure your read my Michael Jackson and the Rays post.  You can get in on the fun comparing Rays players to Michael Jackson songs.  Clark said: Joe Maddon - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough and Grayson said: Dioner Navarro - Scream

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