Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wade Boggs has a message for Joe Maddon concerning Longo

Wade Boggs is becoming a big Evan Longoria fan.  The Bradenton Herald interviewed the Hall of Fame 3rd baseman and got his thoughts on Longo [Thanks, Rays Index].  He likes Longo's approach at the plate.  And Boggs also like Longo's mental game.  But, here's the most interesting part:

Boggs also had a message for Rays manager Joe Maddon: Keep Longoria out of the designated hitter role.

“He’s only 23,” Boggs said. “He’s too young to be the DH. That’s the reason old guys DH. There’s nothing left to pull. That was our old joke. You can’t be a DH until you’ve torn both your hamstrings.”

Thank you, Mr. Boggs. I agree completely. Enough of this DH stuff.  If Longo's healthy enough to play, he should be at 3rd base.

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