Monday, June 1, 2009

Off Day Fun: Father's Day Shopping for the Rays fan in your life!

As the calendar turns to June, it's time to start thinking about the father's in your life. Especially, fathers that are Rays fans.  As both a father and a Rays fan, I think I'm qualified to give you a look at what Rays fan fathers want this Father's Day.

Rays Jersey- Which Dad wouldn't like to sport a fresh Rays jersey to the next game at Tropicana Field.  Besides the white and gray, you can also now pick up the alternate Blue "Sox" Beater jersey that looks really tight.  The pullover batting practice jersey still looks pretty cool.

Schedule Watch- There plenty of Rays themed watches, but none are more remarkable then this one: A digital watch that has the Rays schedule downloaded on it.  It comes with a USB connection to upload the schedule.  How cool would it be to discuss upcoming matchups without having to pull up the schedule? Instead you could just look at your watch.

Accessorizing the mancave- Let's face it.  Sports-related decor often goes out the door about the time and man gets married.  Once he has kids, the bachelor days of decorating a room with posters and such from your favorite team go bye-bye.  But, what a better way to show Dad how much you love him by giving him something do decorate in Rays gear? Fathead has some nice Rays decals that would look great in a mancave.

If you really wanted to go crazy, you could pony up $2500 for a Rays themed pool table.

Inexpensive Choices- If the Pool Table is a little outside your budget, there are several smaller items to choose from:

This picture frame would look good on anyone's desk at work:

Or maybe a Rays screwdriver:

Or just a license plate for the front of his vehicle:

If the father in your life is on the road, you could consider getting him a Rays duffle bag like this one:

Buy him Tickets- These are all great options, but one way to really get to his heart is through actual tickets to the game. Just a few days after Father's Day features a replay of the 2008 World Series when the Philadelphia Phillies come to town.  That's followed by a series against the Marlins. In July, the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers both come to town.

If the father in your life is a real optimist, you can always go for the late season tickets against some of the AL East opponents.  The Rays play Boston, Toronto, Baltimore and New York all at home during the last month of the season.  The Rays could be in the middle of a pennant race with each game meaning more than the last.  The Trop would truly be rocking.

You can get tickets here:

Remember to bookmark this page and send it to your friends over the next couple of weeks. Father's day is coming quickly.  

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Matty said...

This is a great comparison...biggest problem is starting pitching is almost a full run more than last year and their record in 1-run games is atrocious - 5-11. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Michael_Rays Rev said...

I saw that. But, one of the two most responsible for that isn't pitching right now. The other is on a short leash. So, maybe it will change sometime soon. King David will help with that.

Don't discount the Home/Road games played. The Rays played 6 more games at home at this time last year.

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