Tuesday, February 9, 2010

David vs 2 Goliaths

Silverman on tons of talent, dueling Goliaths and being a favorite elsewhere | The Heater

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David vs 2 Goliaths.

That's the gauntlet team president Matt Silverman threw down yesterday during a radio appearance just days before pitchers and catchers report.  Silverman says "he's never seen this much talent on a Rays club" and "we'd be the favorite in any other division in baseball."

Folks, that's big talk before the pitchers and catchers have even reported.

After last year, there's no doubt the Rays are the underdogs in the AL East. Nobody expects them to really compete with Red Sox and Yankees. In fact, if you ask most people (excluding Silverman), the Rays are still the "little brother" of the AL East. They'll always be in the trail of their big brothers. If they get to close, the big brothers will smack them down.

Going back to the David vs 2 Goliaths reference for a moment, how exactly can the Rays fight off 2 Goliaths? What will it take for this team to play "meaningful games in August, September, and October?" The answer, of course, is pitching. Specifically, starting pitching. Nobody will argue that there are some talented pitchers in the AL East, but the Rays may have the most solid 1-5 rotation in the East. The 2 Goliaths still have question marks in their 4 and 5 spots.  That could be the difference between winning a series against the A's in April that gives the Rays the wins they need to get in the playoffs.

It's still early. Plenty can happen between February and April. But, with the team president throwing out terms like "David vs 2 Goliaths," aren't you starting to get a little excited?


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