Monday, February 15, 2010

ESPN Officially Ga-Ga Over the 2010 Rays

Oh...and if a CC profile wasn't enough, ESPN also chronicled a Longo workout. This is easily the most offseason publicity and attention the Rays have ever received from Bristol.

They must agree with us that a big season is on the horizon for 2010. Thankfully, Longo is under the Rays control until 2016, unlike Crawford who is working his tail off for a big-time deal in 2011.

Whether that deal comes from the Rays, still remains to be seen. I wouldn't bet on it. Ah, why be a Debbie Downer in February? Let's enjoy Longo's workout:

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Matty Sinn said...

Best part about this workout -- Longo seems to be really working the hammies! Hopefully, he's learned his lesson from 2009, and I'm sure he realizes that alcohol can also dehydrate your muscles.

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