Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's all about the timing when it comes to moves involving Crawford or Pena..

To quote one of my good Twitter friends (Stephanie): Baseball season must almost be here because "everybody is busy reconfiguring the team for 2011."

Stephanie's right. As pitchers and catchers prepare to report to Port Charlotte, the Rays online fanbase seems to be energized about the thought of the Rays unloading a couple of players before next year. The biggest names coming up are Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena.  I've even heard talk (from an ESPN analyst) about the Rays moving a guy who hasn't yet even thrown a pitch for the Rays. Yep, spring training is almost here for Rays fans.

This morning, Rays Index went into further detail  about his thoughts on a possible mid-season fire sale for the Rays.  I agree with the Professor, it's all about the timing. I've resigned myself to CC and Pena leaving the Rays with nothing but memories. But, what I don't want to see is the Rays move these guys while the team is still fighting for a pennant.

Ownership is treading in very treacherous waters right now.

For some reason, a good majority of the fanbase had enough of Kazmir last year. For every person trying to point out how bad the timing was, there were 3 others salivating at the thought of 3 "prospects" from Anaheim and 2 others just glad to see Kid K gone from the rotation.

I still don't believe it's a coincidence that the team went into a solid nose dive after the Kaz trade. Professionals or not, when your ownership seemingly gives up on you... you're going to give up on them. It's basic psychology. Whether or not, we the fans or ownership thought the Kaz trade was good, the players obviously realized the implications of it. The Rays may not have been able to beat the Yankees, but isn't it important to give them the chance?

Back to this year. It seems the Rays are already taking pre-emptive strikes in getting the fanbase ready for them leaving. I'm just afraid that the Rays FO is going to be so enamored with getting "something" for these guys that they take their eyes off the prize: Winning a championship.

The players have to believe that ownership is just as worried about this year as they are about the next five or we won't see the fire that this team had in 2008. You can break down the stats all you want, but baseball is also about emotion. A 162 game season is a marathon that none of us at home really understand. It takes a lot of effort to get motivated and play at the highest level day in and day out. The Rays front office should keep an eye on that.

I'm all for getting "something" for CC and Pena, just not at the expense of playoff baseball. One more note: The Rays fanbase has been discussing the possibility of life without CC almost from the moment he broke in. And guess what? He's still here.


CocoFabulous said...

Ok Mike this is the last time you can mention Kaz...he's an Angel now. Glad it took you couple of paras this time. :o)

Michael Weber said...

I'm just worried they're going to trade CC or Pena while still in the hunt. They set the precedent last year. But, I will put a self-imposed moratorium on Kaz references (until he pitches against the Rays).

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