Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Picture post: Kazmir bobblehead takes place of honor on my desk

One day after his fine performance against the New York Yankees, the Scott Kazmir bobblehead arrived in the newroom. Kaz is sporting the road grays and seems to be mid-pitch with a big grin on his face. I've been told that there is precedence for trade before bobblehead day. The Cubs traded Michael Barrett in 2007 before his bobblehead giveaway. The promotion went on as planned.

As for Kaz, I would like to see him stay a Ray for awhile. He's going to take his place next to my phone on my desk for the rest of the season. That way, I can have Kaz watching me as go about my day.
Kaz takes his place of honor on my desk.
Here's a look at a quick video of the Kaz bobblehead:

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