Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mrs. Burrell's new business

As many of my Twitter followers know, I got the opportunity to cover the opening of Pat Burrell's wife's SOHO cycling studio in Tampa last night.  The studio offers cycling classes seven days a week a features 30 bikes, two big screen tv's, and plenty of mirrors.  Michelle Burrell says the Bay area was missing that type of cycling shop and it was a dream of hers to open her own shop.  As for her husband, he said it was important for him to support her because she's always been there for him at ballgames.  

Burrell said Elvis wasn't invited to the opening but, his buddy Evan Longoria was. And if you're looking for cycling lessons, the studio is located on West Kennedy in Tampa on the corner of Albany. Parking is in the back.

Here's the link to the story we did:

Here are some pictures I took:


Bud Light said...

Looks like Tampa girls missed two studs on bikes!!

Anonymous said...

hopefully Pat gets on one of those bikes and loses a chin or two

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