Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rays giving away All-Star t-shirts during next homestand

It looks like the Rays will be giving out some t-shirts next week during the homestand.  Each of the Rays All-Stars will get their own shirt, starting with Carl Crawford on July 27th against the Yankees.

For a full list, go to this link from 10 Connects:
Rays giving away All-Star t-shirts during next homestand | | Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater

I would venture a guess that this is a good sign that Carl Crawford won't be traded at the deadline. I'm not sure it's good form to feature a guy on a t-shirt and then trade him a few days later.

The upcoming homestand is really jam-packed. Besides the t-shirts during the Yankees and Red Sox series, the Kansas City series has 2 concerts and a Kazmir bobblehead. Very interesting.

Here are the pictures of the shirts:

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Bud Light said...

Fans need to know....only fans with Rays gear on will get obvious Yankee or Red Sox fans.

Plus only 10,000 shirts per game (30,000+attendance)
Probably will be gone first 1/2 hour!!!

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