Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ex-Rays helping other teams in 2009 playoffs

This time last year Rays' fans were sporting "Beast of the East" and "Playoff Bound" shirts. Kevin Costner was recording songs. And the Rays were the darling Cinderella story for the national media. This year, the Rays are battling just to stay above .500 for the year. It's been a disappointing run, but the future looks bright for next year.

While Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, James Shields, and the rest of the team will be hitting the golf course very soon, several ex-Rays will be trying to make a post-season impact in other uniforms. So it may be worth watching some of these guys as the post season gets going.

Eric Hinske, New York Yankees - Who knew that having Hinske on your roster was a precursor to winning the AL East. Apparently, someone told Hal Steinbrenner who acquired Hinske from the Pittsburgh Pirates earlier this year. Yankee fans appreciate his workman like approach. This is Hinske's third AL East Championship in a row. Maybe the Rays should look at bringing him back next year.

Rocco Baldelli, Boston Red Sox - It was great seeing Rocco get the chance to play some playoff baseball in a Rays uniform. But, questions about his medical condition made him expendable for the Rays 2009 plans. However, it's good to see him get the chance to play some post season ball with the team he grew up watching.

Scott Kazmir, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that this one is the most disturbing to me. I still think the Rays season went in the tank after the Rays got rid of Kazmir for several prospects who weren't ready to help the team.

While we won't know how the Rays made out until years down the road, we will soon see how the Angels made out on the deal. They plan on using Kazmir as their starter in Boston for Games 3 or 4 in the ALDS.

Edwin Jackson, Detroit Tigers - Granted the Tigers haven't clinched, but E-Jax is still playing meaningful games in October. Of course, one could argue that Matt Joyce played a big roll in the Durham Bulls championship run. But, I won't go there.

I must admit I wasn't too distraught over the trade when it happened. But, following the Kamzir move, I've been looking at this trade in a little different light. Maybe Joyce will get the chance to play for an AL Championship next year.

Trevor Miller, St. Louis Cardinals - I wonder if the Rays wouldn't like to have this guy back in their bullpen this year. His whopping 2.10 ERA would've looked real nice when the Rays' bullpen was blowing games. I think his loss hurt this team more than they expected. J.P Howell and Miller did a good job of locking down lefties. This year, they were replaced by the Dynamic Duo of Brian Shouse and Randy Choate. See the problem?

Jason Hammel, Colorado Rockies - I'm sure not too many Rays' fans shed tears over the loss of Jason Hammel to the Colorado Rockies. Our 2008 long reliever did a good job in the back end of the Rockies rotation. Him and his teammates are busy trying to fight off the pesky Atlanta Braves.


Bud Light said...

E-Jax for a minor leaguer, and soon to be a major league bench warmer, for an All Star pitcher may be the worse trade in Rays history..
Still can't believe it every time I see him pitch!

Brett said...

E-Jax would of eventually been expandable once Jermey Hellickson is called up. Plus his salary was the smarter dump at the time since Sonnanstine makes basically nothing. Plus Joyce will probably be the starting RF next season since Gross and Kapler most likely will not be returning.

Bud Light said...

Sonnanstine is "worth" nothing, is that a reason to keep him over an All Star, that you have to pay?
I said at the time if someone had to go.. Kazmir was the best to trade for something...that would have worked perfect...with EJ, Newman, and Price
in...Sonanstine & Kazmir out(with his 10 wins)
We would have had a better season!
Hellickson was/is not ready...and I'll bet you Joyce is not a starter next year!

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