Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Primary today for Mayor of St. Pete. Could determine future of Rays.

You may not know it if you don't live in St. Petersburg, but today is a big day when it comes to politics and the Rays.  St. Petersburg residents will be narrowing down the field of candidates to replace Mayor Rick Baker. And today's decision could determine the future of the Rays in St. Petersburg.

My colleague, 10 Connects reporter Noah Pransky has been closely monitoring the election and the stadium fight. He's talked with the candidates and covered the ABC Coalition, the group researching the Rays stadium issue. He did a report in July the candidates' position on the Rays and the ABC Coalition findings. You can also follow this link for an overview on today's election and follow the results.


Bud Light said...

You know...The more I think about it.... the real pressure could be on Boston tonight! Why?
They SHOULD beat the Rays with Sonnanstine pitching (and Lester pitching for them)...
What if they don't???!!!
Lose 1st game of a big series at the Trop, where they hate to play, two more to lose, their big lead disappears.... sweep could be a disaster, at least mentally for them....BIG up lift for Rays who have been floundering around most of year....
could think like this????

Bud Light said...

WHAT? comment on wrong posting...but thoughts same.....baseball not politics

Michael Weber said...

Bud, I like your thoughts... even if it is in the wrong section of the blog! :)

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