Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Round 1: Pat the Bat vs Carl Crawford

Update: 11:30 PM After the Rays walk-off loss to the Baltimore Orioles, Pat Burrell left the clubhouse before it was open to the media. Crawford said he's not talking about the pre-game incident. This is from Marc Topkin of the St. Pete Times Twitterfeed.

Marc Lancaster from TBO is reporting that some sort of shouting match took place between Pat Burrell and Carl Crawford this afternoon. The two exchanged words in the clubhouse. According to Lancaster, both players met with manager Joe Maddon, who said "everything's good."

No, Joe. Everything's not good. This clubhouse is falling apart at the seems. I don't know the details behind this altercation, but the lack of leadership on this team is becoming more and more obvious each day. These are still important games. They're going to set the tone for the off-season and next season.  The fade that everyone expected of the Rays has finally come to fruition. The next few days will show whether this team will continue down the drain or try to salvage something.


Ingrid said...

That makes me so sad. What happened to that "team" from last season. =(

Bud Light said...

I would pay the price of a good season ticket just to see CC hit him with one good right....
Fat boy hits the deck...I would bet on it!

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