Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The most annoying giveaway since the Cow Bell

Red Sox fans if you thought the Cow Bells were obnoxious, wait until you see this weekend's giveaway. The first 10,000 kids 14 and under will receive a Rays Rattle Drum.  This drum is the same one featured in the Karate Kid 2.  Upon getting the drum in my hand, I proceded to go Mr. Miagi with it and learned just how quick the drum can annoy people. My co-worker was ready to pull it out of my hand and stomp it. In fact, I had to go in to a sound proof edit booth just to shoot the video. Otherwise, I risked my life.

The Rays are also giving away a Matt Garza figurine, similar to the Evan Longoria Rookie of the Year that was given out earlier this year. All fans to Saturday night's game will get the figurine and also a chance to see Tito Nieves perform in the Rays 10th post-game concert.

Back to the Garza figurine. I figured that most of you, like me would wonder how authintic it was. So, I've included a close-up of the goatee. You decide. I didn't see any sunflower seeds dripping of the chin.

I couldn't resist having Garza pitch in front of Kazmir's good-bye newpaper ad

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