Monday, September 21, 2009

Too bad the Rays couldn't play Toronto all year long

Watching the Rays complete the sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend, I couldn't help but wonder what could've been.  The Rays have had some serious success against the Blue Jays this year, taking 14 out of their 18 match-ups. If only the Rays could equal that success against the other the AL East, we would be making playoff plans right now.

It's good to see the Rays taking care of business as the season winds down. I think it's very important for this team to end successfully this year to build toward next year.  The better they do right now, the more confidence the young pitching staff will have in April.

Two weeks from today, the 2009 season will be history. The Rays and their fans will be watching the playoffs from home. Let's hope we're watching with an eye toward next year.

Fan Photos:  Thanks for those of you who've sent in some photos for the project I'm working on. But, I still need more. I'm looking for any photos: fans, players, or anything else having to do with the Rays. You can e-mail them to m_weber @

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