Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One game so far in September

In case you're keeping track, the Rays have only won 1 game in September. And with one more game at New Yankee Stadium and a 3 game set at Fenway this weekend, the Rays may not be able to get back on track until Monday at the earliest.

This team's slide is verging on disgraceful.  I hope Andrew Friedman and Stu Sternberg are taking notes. This is what happens when you show a team you don't have faith in them. Any September attendance bump was lost with this losing streak. 

I know that some will argue that this slide was inevitable. That the Yankees, Tigers, and Red Sox are just better this year, but I'll argue over and over again that trading Scott Kazmir to the Angels led the Rays to where they are now. I've said it over and over again: Dumping Kazmir for prospects sent a message to the team that management thought this team didn't have a chance of making it back to the World Series. While no player will ever come out and admit it, their play on the field speaks volumes.

The Rays don't have much to play for now. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks. Will the Rays have some pride and play out the season on a strong note? Or are they going to keep thinking about the golf course and the fishing hole?

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