Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So, you had a bad day

Just about a month ago, yesterday's day-night double-header looked like it could be a great day for Rays baseball. What could be better than facing the AL East leader with the chance to pick up 2 games in one day? It could become a day the 2009 Rays reaffirm themselves and show that 2008 wasn't a fluke. Instead, we get a DH sweep that adds on to the back end of a losing streak. A bullpen that can't get anyone out. A starter who's a shell of his former self and should be working on Durham's playoff run. An injury to starting first baseman that could've made that game his last in a Rays uniform. Overall, a bad day for the Rays.

I'll give credit to the Rays, they made it interesting this year. But now, they look like they've just packed it in. The only group that looks like they have any fire is the starting pitchers (minus Sonnanstine). The offense and the bullpen are already thinking about off-season plans. And with Carlos Pena out for the season, we don't even get to see a Ray possibly win the home run crown.

I think Joe Maddon needs to start looking toward next year when it comes to playing time. Do some experimentation and see what kind of things he can do. I know many fans are already calling for Jim Hickey's head. I'm not sure I agree. I think this year's pitching has as much to do with last year's innings as it does with Hickey.  Some fans are even calling for Maddon's head. I also think he should be given another year.  This season gave the Rays a glimpse of what it's like to be in the hunt without being in the lead. Hopefully, Joe and the front office learned plenty of lessons that will keep this from happening next year.

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Bud Light said...

DO you really see Maddon getting that much smarter over the winter?
The "good ole boy mentality" "everything is fine" "Its only one loss".....
was fine for a while when players didn't think they could compete...now its time for someone to "take charge" and hold players responsible for performance....I just don't think Maddon can do that....after all he might lose some friends(players)!

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