Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magic Number: 7 and a call for submissions!

With wins on Thursday and Friday the Rays have knocked down their magic number to 7.  With 7 wins, they can ensure themselves of an over .500 record in the year after the World Series, only their 2nd winning season in franchise history.  Now, if they can just keep this kind of momentum going for next season, I may hold out some hope of a return of the magic for 2010. Go Rays!

Call for submissions: Like some of the Rays last week, I'm already looking ahead to the off-season. I'm working on a project and I need your help. I'm looking for any fan pictures you have from the 2009 season. Go through your "my photos" folder or wherever you keep them and find your best pictures. 

Don't forget to scroll through your camera phone as well.  You can send them to me at m_weber @ Make sure you put "Fan Photos" in the subject line so they don't get lost in my inbox. I'll be using these for a project you should see around the beginning of next year. I won't use them without getting your permission first, but as a Rays fan, I'd like to see what kind of pictures you have. Thanks in advance!

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