Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Questions for Dewayne Staats

My mother told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all. So, after tonight's debacle at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles, I've decided I'm not going to rail on Andy Sonnanstine's high pitches or Pat Burrell's stiff neck or Aki needing rest.  Instead, I'm going to lay out 10 questions for Dewayne Staats in honor of Web Wednesday on Suns Sports/FSN.

  1. Why do the Rays have three pitchers in the rotation that can't seem to get past the 5th inning?
  2. Is it really necessary to keep your hot 1st baseman well-rested on a night you're playing a division rival on national television?
  3. Why can't the starters and the bullpen have a good night on the same night?
  4. Since the Rays are 3-0 in their blue "Sox beater" alternate jerseys, why don't they wear them every night?
  5. Can we put out a call for the 2007 version of Scott Kazmir? I really miss that guy.
  6. If the Rays can't get it together, does that mean Carl Crawford will go somewhere else?
  7. Is Uncle Cliffy Floyd available? If not, could we just get David Price?
  8. Would it be lame to bring back the Ray Hawk?
  9. Are the Baltimore Orioles really that much better than they were last year?
  10. Do you think Evan Longoria could make a successful run for Governor of Florida?
Michael Weber
Rays Revolutionary


Brett said...

Number 10 is a no brainer.

Michael_Rays Rev said...

Yes, but he may get some competition from the QB at Florida. He's got more statewide influence.

Adrian said...

Agreed, number 15 is a true Floridian.

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