Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missed Opportunities

That's all I can say about tonight's game.  The Rays got real strong performances from James Shields and J.P. Howell, but were unable to score.  In the end, Joe Nelson gave up a 3-run homer to Matt Holiday that sealed the deal for the Oakland A's.

After the game, manager Joe Maddon said this was the type of game they're having trouble winning this year, but they're going to have to figure out a way to do it.  He also says the team is going to have moments like they did tonight. They just have to put it behind them.

Here's some of the things I noticed:

  • Tough night for the Longo/Pena/Bartlett combination. They were 1-14 with 6 strikeouts and 8 men left on base.  They especially had problems late in the game when you really want those guys up.  Of course, we've learned to expect so much from those 3 guys this year that they were bound to let us down.
  • Rays need to win the next 2 games against the A's to head to Miami 1 game over .500.  This was a tough loss as far as momentum goes. The Rays had won 4 in a row for the first time this season.  The fifth game was within their grasp.  They now need to regroup and go for the next two.
  • For the 2nd time this home stand, an extra out costs the Rays big time.  Last Thursday it Akinora Iwamura's error that led to a big Cleveland inning.  Tonight, Bartlett missed a ball that should've got the Rays out of the top of the 11th with no damage. Instead, Holiday hits his 3 run homer.
  • Good game from James Shields, it's just a shame he couldn't get any run support.  The guy pitched a great game, but ended up leaving with the game 0-0.  The lineup owes "Big Game."

Scotty Kazmir takes the mound tomorrow night.  Earlier, I made a post about the possibility of trading Kazmir. I'm against it, but others are floating it as a possibility.  I'd like to know what you think.  Go and weigh in!

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