Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Take: Lineup Card Snafu

In case you missed it, the Rays had to take Evan Longoria out of the game and instead bat Andy Sonnanstine because of a foul-up on the lineup card.  The Heater Blog from the St. Pete Times has been keeping an update on exactly what happened today.  Needless to say, it's not often you see a pitcher batting in the American League. It's even rarer to see a pitcher batting in the 3 hole in either league.

I hope this is a very good lesson to Joe Maddon.  Under no circumstances should a Tampa Bay Rays lineup card be filled out without Evan Longoria batting 3rd at 3rd base.  This is a guy who needs to be in the game, every day at third base. He's the MVP. He's the driving force behind this lineup and he's one of the best fielding third baseman in league.  Don't try to get cute by making him a DH.  You've got plenty of guys that can DH for you in Pat Burrell's absence. Let this be a lesson... Longo plays!

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