Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rays have a little Marlin for dinner

After a full day of roster moves, speculation and shake-up, the Tampa Bay Rays took the field for their first game of interleague play in Miami against the Florida Marlins.  It was quickly obvious that the Rays were coming out firing on all cylinders.  The Rays climbed to an early 13-0 lead as all batter... including pitcher Andy Sonnanstine had a hit.  If you recall, the Rays feasted on the Marlins like this last year.  The went 5-1, inlcluding a 15-3 victory in Miami in June.

Here are some of the things I noticed:

  • Andy Sonnanstine looked good for a second game in a row.  He only allowed one earned run (a homer to Hanley Ramirez) and, more importantly, didn't walk anyone.  Sonny has always loved South Florida. He gotBulleted List his first win there in 2007.
  • Dinoner Navarro is now officially over the Mendoza line.  Pinkeye made sure there would be no doubt he was over .200 by the close of business last night. He went 4-6 with 3 RBI's and 2 runs, including a homer.  He brought his average up to a whopping .211.  Nice night, Navi! Your buddy Bossman is still below .200.
  • Looks like the Marlins will take a page out of the A's book to slow the Rays down.  They're bringin up lefty Sean West to face the Rays.  The first 2 pitcher to face the Rays yesterday, Ricky Nolasco and David Davidson were both off the team by the end of the night. I hope West doesn't bring the ghost of Steve Carlton with him.  Interesting note: No batter from either team has faced either pitcher.  Marlins batters will get their first look at Jeff Niemann.
  • Don't look now, but the .500 Rays picked up a game on everyone in the AL East in the first night of interleague play.  The Yankees, Blue Jays, and Red Sox all lost getting the Rays one game closer. Those are the kinds of nights I like to see.
  • Dale Thayer and Reid Brignac both got into the action last night.  Brignac got his first big league hit, going in for Jason Bartlett.  As for Thayer, he got his first ever big league save for working the final 3 innings.  Neither is expected to be with the team long. David Price will replace Thayer and Brignac will go down when Pat Burrell is back.
  • It's good to see Carlos Pena hitting the long ball without Pat the Bat behind him in the order.  I guess that's what happens with you have a guy batting .375 behind you.

Thanks to one of my twitter friend, Toby.  He's a Rays fan that was at the game last night and sent some pictures.  You can follow me on Twitter by going to  There you will get all my musings on the Rays and get updated every time a put a blog post up.

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