Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Matt Garza, Bring back the hope!

Dear Matt Garza,

Today is rough day to be a Tampa Bay Rays fan.  Last night, your team gave up a 10-0 lead to lose in the bottom of the ninth.  It was a night that was supposed to be a coronation for King David Price. It was a night that the Rays were supposed to finally win in Cleveland.  It was a night that the team was supposed to go over .500 and never look back.  Instead, we watched with you at the implosion that happened on the field.  We watched with you as the team reverted back to the 2007 form we left behind.  We watched as the team, content with its lead, put the game on autopilot.  We watched as Victor Martinez, the man who said teams aren't supposed to try once they're down that much, get the game winning hit.

Now, it's up to you.  You're the ace now.  Scott Kazmir is gone.  David Price isn't ready. And James "Big Game" Shields is giving up big innings.  You're the man this team looks to when it needs redemption.  You're the man with the filthy stuff.  You're the one capable of tossing a no-hitter.  You're the one, we as Rays fans are looking toward to turn around the season.

We know it's still early.  But, a 162 game baseball season can be a fickle beast.  A bad loss like last night can turn into a long losing streak. Guys will hang their head.  Trust is broken.  The clubhouse is splintered.  Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria are great, but they can't put this team on their back the way you can. You need to go out there and re-establish the Tampa Bay Rays we knew from last year.  The team that overcame adversity. The team with swagger. The team with confidence.

Matt, you can do it.  You can raise the Rays Revolution in ways not other player can.  Go out. Put this team on your back and get it done.  It's not over. It starts tonight.  With you.

Rays Revolutionary

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