Friday, May 1, 2009

Win Streak! Rays show life and get into the Red Sox heads

Two in a row counts as a win streak. One night after Matt Garza's one-hit gem, the Rays get behind Andy Sonnanstine and power their way to their second victory in a row over the AL East leading Boston Red Sox.  The crowning moment was Evan Longoria's grand slam homer off Justin Masterson, followed moments later by a Carlos Pena shot to left field.  Seriously, I had to rewind the DVR three time and rewatch it.  I'll probably have to post the clip on facebook, so I can watch it over and over again.

Tomorrow night, I've got tickets in the outfield.  Hopefully the Rays will keep it going and I'll be looking for some balls coming my way.

Here are some of the things I noticed tonight:

  • Andy Sonnanstine still wasn't quite himself, but he did manage to keep the game close long enough for the bats to wake up. Give him credit for not allowing a big inning. He did what he was paid to do.
  • I really liked the emotion I saw from the Rays dugout after the grand slam and the homer. You can tell these guys really get up to play the Red Sox.  Hopefully, that will continue over the next week.  They can't play the Red Sox every night, but they need to bring that same intensity against teams like the Baltimore Orioles. Maybe they've learned their lesson.
  • I loved the new blue uniform tops.  You can buy them from (shameless plug):

    I told my wife to put it on my wish list.  And we can still say they're undefeated in the blue alternate tops.
  • I'm almost ready to take Bossman off my little wall of shame to the right.  He's done his job the past two games as leadoff hitter, but I think I'm going to have to wait until he gets his average over .200 or I think his body of work over the series warrants it.  As for Navarrro, he's still questionable. He did put down a nice sac bunt that kept the inning going. But, he's nowhere near getting off.
  • I may have to cut new Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris some slack.  He threw out the first pitch tonight and didn't seem to jinx them.  I am, however, surprised Josh Freeman wasn't his date to the big game.
  • Once again, I can't wait to read the Red Sox newspapers tomorrow morning.  This was a team on top of the world on Wednesday. Now, they're once again playing second fiddle to the upstart Rays.  That's nice.

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