Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rays Round-up: Sox beater edition

As soon as the game started yesterday, I had a feeling the Rays were going to take care of business. It wasn't the pitching match-up.  It wasn't the fact that Kevin Youkilis was out of the line-up.  It wasn't the fact that the Rays have owned the Red Sox all season.  In fact, the reason I really was sure the Rays were going to beat the Red Sox... the "Sox Beater Shirts."

Once I saw B.J. Upton trot to the plate in his blue alternate jersey, I knew the Red Sox were in for it.  When the Rays don the blue jersey they mean business. No messing around like the night before. Instead, pure focused energy on beating the Sox to a pulp.  Evan Longoria immediately showed the power of the "Sox beater" jersey with a 2-run-homer. Red Sox nation should've headed for the Fenway exits right then.

Great game. But, the Rays cannot afford to take the Red Sox lightly today.  They need to take this series and keep pace with the Blue Jays.  Maybe I should send an e-mail to the Rays front office asking for the "Sox beater" jersey again tonight.

Here's a round up of some the Rays links from this morning.  As always, my comments are in italics:

- The Boston Herald breaks down Evan Longoria's 2 big at-bats yesterday.  It was a nice look inside the thought of the batter and pitcher in that sort of situation. Don't miss the comments on this one.  Red Sox Nation thinks the pitchers need to drill Longoria to break up his comfort level at the plate.  I think that would just give Pena another RBI opportunity.

-The Boston Globe says starting pitching, not Julio Lugo is the culprit behind the Sox troubles. Boston is still ahead of the Rays in the standings.  I think the Sox will be fine as long as they don't have to face the Rays.

- writer Bill Chastain actually calls Longoria the Sox nemesis.  Is there any question that the Rays fans are truly blessed to watch Longo come of age?

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Brett said...

Don't we all like watching Longo own the Sox?

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