Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rays Round-up: Time to turn it around

From the comfort of home, to the teeth of the beasts of the East.  The Tampa Bay Rays head up to New York for a 2-game set in the new Yankee Stadium, followed by a 3-game weekend series against the Boston Red Sox.  In reality, this is the time the Rays really need to turn the corner. This road trip could mean the difference between participating in the playoffs or watching from home.

Here's today's Round-up. As always, my comments are in italics:

-Times columnist John Romano says Maddon is staying true to the course even though "early" is running out.  Romano talks about the numbers and how tough it's going to be for this team to claw its way out.  I'm not completely buying those numbers because of the weighted schedule. Outside of Boston, the Rays have plenty of games against AL East teams.  Win those and the standings will take care of themselves.  One note, Maddon pointed out that he has to keep in mind that guys like Upton and Nararro aren't even in their prime, yet. They're pre-prime.  Messing with their head too much now could hurt later down the road.

-In case you're headed to Yankees Stadium today, remember not to leave or you won't be allowed back in.  Hundreds of fans couldn't get back in after a rain delay.  They claim they were told the game was rescheduled.  It wasn't. I enjoy anything that makes the Evil Empire look more evil. And denying Yankee fan a chance to watch the game qualifies. On a side note, interesting how the Red Sox own the Yankees the same way we own the Red Sox.

-Matt Garza gets a tough assignment. He gets to sit next to Heroes star Hayden Panttierre during a Town Hall meeting on preventing teen pregnancy.  Garza was invited because he fathered a child in High School. Bristol Palin, the daughter of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will also be on the panel.  Anytime I can put a picture of Panttierre on this website, I will do it. Matt Garza, you are a lucky man!

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