Monday, May 4, 2009

Rays Round-up: Owning Boston Edition

Sunday's game was fine end to a great series by the Rays.  This is the team we remember from last year.  Of course, I had to go to Saturday night's game and watch Red Sox fan act like they have the greatest team in the world.  But, the Rays took a big steps to getting back in this thing by winning this series.  The next step is to keep the momentum going against the Baltimore Orioles before heading to the new Yankee Stadium.

Here are some of the links this morning.  As always, my comments in italics.

Carl Crawford's stolen base record has Red Sox nation concerned.  Interesting article on the Rays running game from the Boston perspective.  Terry Francona points out on one of the stolen bases Brad Penny and Jason Varitek got the ball to second in 3.18 seconds and Crawford still outran it!  They say the only way to keep Crawford from stealing is to keep him off base because they don't want to throw flat slide step fastballs with Evan Longoria at the plate.

Times columnist John Romano says the Rays are brining the stolen base back in style.  Carl Crawford didn't even know that he had broken the record until Todd Kalas told him afterward.

Evan Longoria and Joe Maddon had to issue a fan etiquette reminder after a person in Rays garb interfered with Longo trying to catch a foul ball to end the game.  If you're at the game and your guy has a chance to catch it, let it go.  The last thing you wanted in that situation was to give the Red Sox a different out.  

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