Thursday, April 16, 2009

5 Reasons Troy Percival is on the team this year

It's always tough for me to come up with real solid analysis after a loss like Wednesdays.  It felt like a 2007 game when the bullpen couldn't hold on to a lead. I could go on about Kaplar's base running, Maddon's use of pitchers, etc. Instead, judging from my e-mail, text messages and facebook posts, it looks like all of the Rays fans I know put the blame squarely on the shoulders of one Mr. Troy Percival.

Here are some of the texts:

- When percival gets in you know its bad!

- Percy is not great

- I'm not watching this team again until Percy is off the team.  By pitching him [Percy] Maddon is saying to his players her doesn't respect them

You get the point. So, for today's post-game analysis I've decided to break down the 5 reasons I think Percy is still on the team:

  • He has juicy pics of Joe Maddon from a road trip when they were with Anaheim
  • As the biggest doughnut consumer in Tampa Bay, Dunkin Doughnuts required he be on the roster before they continued the Rays win, You win promotion
  • To give Yankee and Red Sox fan some hope that if they can keep it close, Percy can blow it in the ninth
  • After the Yankees signed CC Sabathia, the Rays wanted to make sure they still have the fattest pitcher in the AL East
  • Rays management wants to give "senior" fans at the Trop someone their own age to root for

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Adrian said...

All very possibly scenarios, I don't know why Maddon and Co. don't remember that we was left off the playoff roster (while healthy) for a reason..

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