Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to face facts. This isn't last year's team

Maybe it's time to face facts.  This obviously isn't last year's team.  Instead of the Rays celebrating a come from behind victory, we get to watch the Minnesota Twins celebrate their own late inning heroics to grab the game.  Nothing makes me feel worse than seeing the other team finish the game in that fashion. Even Dewayne Statts and Brian Anderson looked like someone died after the game.  

JP Howell and the bullpen will get the brunt of the blame for tonight's loss.  But it really was a team effort.  Once again, the Rays proved they can't hit lefties.  Steve Carlton gets channeled and the Rays look clueless (1-8 vs Lefties if you're counting).  It's getting so bad that opposing managers are leaving their starting lefties in longer than they probably should.  James Shields becomes his own worst enemy for the 2nd game in a row, giving up another 1st inning homer and then hitting a batter to push in a run after the Rays tied the game.

Props to Ben Zobrist for forgetting that it's 2009, not 2008.  His 2nd pinch hit home run provided a little excitement,  too bad the guys behind him couldn't get it going.

Bossman's "Extended Spring Training" is wearing on me.  I notice myself, other fans I talk to, and other bloggers are beginning to notice how difficult it is to win with your leadoff guy batting around .150.  I've decided to highlight the starters that are batting below .200.  Their pictures and averages will appear there until they can get it over .20o.  Hear me, Dioner Navarro?

No more cheerleading from me until the Rays turn it around. 

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