Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bring it on! Opening day thoughts from around the web.

Surfing around the internet this morning, here are some of reaction to yesterday's opening day loss to the Boston Red Sox (my comments in italics):

- Boston Herald columnist Mike Silverman says Josh Beckett and Dustin Pedroia have the Red Sox thinking big. It's only one game, but I do have to agree that Beckett looked filthy yesterday. I also wish some would plunk Pedroia for me, just once.

- Much of the same from the Boston Globe. Vintage Beckett.  Both Boston papers went a little overboard with the poetry about opening day and the pre-game ceremonies. But, I guess that's what I get when I'm reading those rags.

- John Romano from the St. Pete Times talks about "Big Game" James Shields' struggles on the road.  I think this is the year that some of the newer Rays fans get a look at Kazmir as the true ace of this rotation. No offense to Shields, but when Kaz is on it doesn't matter where he is playing. As for Shields, he'll be fine.  He loves pitching in the Dome.  And he should have a little easier go of it on Sunday in Baltimore.

-And finally,'s game report was pretty vanilla... until you got to the comments. One game into the season and already the Yankee and Red Sox fans are verbally battling it out on any message board they can find. My favorite? The one where Yankee fan calls out Red Sox fan for getting excited about the beating their "little brother" the Rays.  Maybe he forgot that the Yankees lost to a less-than-steller Baltimore Orioles team on Monday.

Today's Game @ 7:05 on Sun Sports
What I'm looking for:

  • Production from the 3/4/5 batters, especially Mr. Carlos Pena. Four strike outs is unexceptable. I know hitting lefties isn't always your thing Pena, but you've got to come with the stick tonight.
  • The return of Kaz. A lot of talk in the rags about Beckett's redemption to 2007 form. I'd like to see Kaz get sick tonight on that Red Sox lineup.
  • Rocco Baldelli in a Red Sox uniform. Hopefully, the Rays have enough scouting information on him to keep him from going wild.

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