Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morning Round-up: Beatdown Yanks edition

To me, nothing is better than waking up the morning after a big Rays victory and reading the reaction in the morning. Normally, I start with the St. Pete Times and other local papers and then move on to the other team's writers. A good butt-kicking like last night will make Rays believers out of even the most hard core New York writer. With that, here is the morning round-up. As always my comments in italics. Enjoy:

John Harper of the New York Daily News said it was "No laughing matter for Yankees in unfair fight." This is a good take from a Yankees writer on the state of the Rays.  He writes about how the Yankees look outclassed in every way.  However, he offers a glimmer of hope for Yankees fan saying that the Yankees still have the best pitching and better bullpen. I say, they're going to need it!

The Daily News also posted a poll about what was more embarrassing Wang's 28.93 ERA or Swisher pitching the 8th. Here are the results. If I was Yankee fan, I would be more concerned with Swisher pitching. But, that's just me.

Much of the same from the New York Times writer. However, he did have some good quotes about the Yankees' collective Psyche:

“They killed us from the get-go,” Derek Jeter said. “It’s one of those days. They had an opportunity to celebrate what they did last season, and they had their way with us.”

“We know we didn’t play very well today,” Swisher said. “You’ve got to find something to laugh about in that moment. I just happened to be the guy everyone was laughing at. If that’s what it takes to get us back together and get rockin’, I’m all for it.”

“Nobody was laughing,” Posada said. “I think today was embarrassing. It’s just one of those days that everything went for them and nothing went for us. We didn’t pitch; we didn’t do the things we were supposed to do. Nobody was laughing.”

Oh really, Posada... I'm sure I saw Nick Swisher laugh when he was coming off the man. Maybe he was just having too much fun out there getting his butt kicked for a team that doesn't know the meaning of team.

Rays Party has a good breakdown of Kazmir's pitch count. I'm really glad that Kaz's pitch count is becoming a huge discussion through the first two games of the season. Plenty of Rays fans I talk to forgot last year just how dominant this guy really is.

10 Connects had plenty of coverage last night including a photo gallery and a play-by-play blog. Check it out. Plenty of video and pics to keep you occupied.

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