Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shhhh... the Rays bats are sleeping

Not much to get excited about. Another night of deadly at-bats by all the Rays for the most part, except for Carlos Pena.  Pat the Bat and Kotter didn't do what they were brought in to do... hit lefties. Instead, it looked like much of what we saw last year against Danks and other lefties.

Here's what I noticed:

  • The bats were pretty quiet again tonight. I think the combination of Evan Longoria being out and Willy Aybar not quite right is playing havoc on the line-up. I really don't like Burrell batting in the 3 hole.  But, I don't think there's a better choice. I don't think Maddon should move BJ out of leadoff spot now that he's there.
  • After the game, Maddon (from exile) said that the team is pitching well but not getting enough offense.  He thinks they could've won the last three games with a few more hits. He says the hitters need to put the ball in play.
  • I agree with Maddon, Jermaine Dye's act was tired. The umps need to see the ball hit him, not just assume because he's jumping around and there's a mark on the ball.
  • Here's a scary thought: While the Rays aren't too far behind record-wise from last year. They were 5-5 in 2008 as opposed to 4-6 today. However, the Rays did not lose 3 games in a row at home last year.  Bad omen?
  • Saw another hitter push one through a strange defensive alignment late in the game. Of course, I can't blame Maddon... he was in the locker room.
  • Those of you who watched the Fox Sports Florida broadcast got to watch a little Devil Rays history. They replayed Davey Martinez's inside-the-ballpark home run in 1998.  Skinny Martinez and the old rainbow uniforms were a trip down memory lane.
  • I think we need to come up with a rally cry for tomorrow!  The bats need to turn it around.

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