Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morning Round-up: Easter Bunny Edition

The Easter Bunny came and went at my house. Hopefully, some of the Rays got some treats to help them hit better today. Getting swept by the Orioles this afternoon would definitely leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouth.

With that said, here's an Easter abbreviated version of the Morning Round-up. As usual, my comments are in italics:

- Baltimore Sun writer Dan Connolly had an easy story to file. All he had to do was describe the first inning and repeat the praises O's manager David Trembley dished out.  The first inning broke this game for the O's. Outside of that, it was pretty competitive. Too bad it wasn't that enjoyable to watch because of the scoreboard.  The Rays and James Shields need to figure out a way to shut down the first three in the O's lineup (Brian Roberts, Adam Jones, and Nick Markakis) this afternoon.

- Tampa Tribune writer Marc Lancaster breaks down the Rays line-up versus lefties this year compared to last years.  In 2 games, the Rays have had mixed results. Game 1 versus the Orioles looked eerily similar to games against journeyman lefties last year.  The Rays had all kinds of troubles against the most pedestrian of southpaws.  Thursday's game against the O's kept that alive, despite adding Burrell and Kaplar in the line-up.  Overall, I think the Rays will be alright, but it's cause for concern.

- The Rays Party Blog did a good job chronicling the Rays missed opportunities last night. They broke them down 1 through 7.  I'm still blaming the cold and I'm hoping this is just an aberration. But, this whole game looked like games the Rays struggled in last year.

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