Thursday, April 30, 2009

Viva la Revolution! Garza takes control!

Viva la Revolution!  The Rays are back... at least for today.  The team returned from a lackluster road trip just in time to remind the Boston Red Sox who their true nemisis still is.  Matt Garza took the ball, put the team on his back and carried them tonight.  He even had a complete game through 27 batters. This game was a complete polor opposite of what we saw last night.

I do want to temper my enthusiasm, slightly.  The Rays looked good, but I want to see them do it two days in a row.  Tomorrow, the struggling Andy Sonnanstine takes the mound.  Let's just hope he just needed a little home cooking as well.

Here are some of the things I noticed tonight:

  • How about Matt Garza? He's struggled a bit this year with his control, but tonight he was just filthy. He completey shut down the red hot Red Sox bats. After the game, he told Todd Kalas that Ellsbury's hit looked like it was harder of the bat.  Once it got past him, he was hoping someone could make a play.  He said the team's going to come out and play hard again tomorrow.
  • It was real entertaining to listen to Dewayne Staats and Kevin Kennedy talk about a no-hitter without using the words.  Contrast that to when AJ Burnett was working a no-no and Staats couldn't mention it enough.  After Ellsbury got his little hit, it was like it opened the floodgates on Kennedy.
  • Everybody got in on the action offensively.  Even the Greatness that is Michel Hernandez was busy driving in runs and hitting his first ever major league home run. Dioner, you watching?
  • The Rays kept themselves alive in the AL East hunt, at least for tonight.  Boston had the chance to come in and quickly finish off the Rays.  Instead, the Rays reminded the Red Sox just who's in charge.
  • The Rays need to keep the fire going.  The Red Sox aren't just going to lay down give up the series.  Remember what happened the next day after the Rays whipped the Yankees.  This series is too important and the Rays need to keep their foot on the gas pedal.
  • I'm looking forward to tomorrow's morning round-up.  Nothing will be more enjoyable than reading the panic in the Boston rags.

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