Sunday, April 26, 2009

Newsflash: Rays can't hit lefties!

Steve Carlton syndrome 7
 Rays 1

While the rest of the country figures out ways to deal with Swine Flu, the Tampa Bay Rays are suffering from their own ills.... namely Steve Carlton syndrome.  That's what happens when a left-handed pitcher takes the mound against the Rays and looks like the 2nd coming of Lefty.  I was really hoping today would be the day that the Rays could finally beat one of these lefties.  All the stars were aligned.  But, once again, Steve Carlton's power was too much for the Rays to overcome as they drop their 4th straight series in a row.  Now, they're off to Minnesota for a three game set before returning home to face the red hot Boston Red Sox.  Scary days indeed are ahead for the Rays. Hopefully, they can come out of their funk before this time next week or we may have to officially push the panic button.

Here are some of the things I noticed:

Another lefty did the Rays in.  Dana Eveland and his nice little soul patch below his lip took care of the Rays hitters with little effort.  The Rays put up a little stink in the 2nd, but after the A's scored 4 runs in the bottom of the inning... Eveland just cruised along.

Sonnanstine is really looking bad this year.  I commented to a friend of mine that Sonnanstine may have just pitched himself right out of the rotation. It's sad, because I really like Sonny. But, he's really looking bad.

Props to Joe Maddon for tweeking the lineup today.  I like how he gave Zorilla and Aybar the start today. It didn't really make a difference in the big scheme of things, but it shows that Maddon is doing what he can to provide a spark.

Bossman, Jr. really needs to start hitting the ball.  Slump or not .156 is unacceptable.  The same goes for the catcher.  These guys need to start getting some hits.


Matty said...

Newsflash - this team sucks! It's like the Bucs not being able to win in the cold, except the Rays can't hit lefties. Bigger problem is there are more lefty games than cold weather games. This team will be lucky to finish fourth in the division.

Michael_Rays Rev said...

Just keep this in mind... the Rays haven't been losing these games in their division. If they can get hot, they still control their own destiny.

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