Monday, April 20, 2009

Ticket Promise + Not Enough Tickets + Yankee Fan = Riot

Leave it to Yankee fan to put a smile on my face after the Rays rough last few games. Pepsi over promised tickets to Yankee fans who showed up for a promotion last week. What Pepsi learned is that if you ask Yankee fan to gather for something "free," you'd better provide what you promised. Instead of publicity or buzz, Pepsi had a near riot on their hands when they showed up with only 100 pairs of the 250 tickets for the home opener of the new Yankee stadium. Many of those 100 pairs were for a game in June. After that, Yankee fan took matters into their own hands. Watch the video below for a Yankee fan riot (It's worth sitting through the annoying ad):

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Anonymous said...

Worst commercial ever and I can't tell the difference between the pepsi or the urine on the street.

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