Thursday, April 16, 2009

Open Letter to Joe Maddon. Re: Percy

I found this on the Buccaneers message board. I asked the author's permission to share it with the rest of you. Enjoy and feel free to add you own thoughts on Percy. Don't forget my post 5 Reasons Percy is Still on the Team.

Joe Maddon,

When are you going to figure out that Troy Percival is not the guy you coached in Anaheim? When are you going to figure out that this almost 40 yr old pitcher looks his age and more? What will it take for you to figure out that he used to get outs by blowing 97 mph fast balls at hitters; now he "attempts" to get outs with off speed pitches and weak looking fastballs. (I say attempts because he doesn't actually get the outs; or at least not until after the damage is done).

How many times do you have to see Percival fail and fail again to realize this? Why are you so blinded by your former "relationship" with him that you can't see that he hasn't been consistent since May of last year? You have MANY options in the bullpen, so why is it you can't see that this guy not only doesn't give you the best opportunity win but also gives you the best opportunity to blow the game?

With a 4.53 ERA last year, a 9.00 ERA this year, do you actually see these numbers as successful for a pitcher in the closer role?

I find it absolutely SICKENING that you bring in this washed up worthless pile of **** into the game during two CRITICAL moments against teams with high powered lineups. He came DAMN close to blowing one game, and blew today's game.

Open your eyes, Maddon, and stop being blinded by your "friendship" with the guy. Just cut him, count your losses and move on.

Bucs & Noles Fan

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