Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pre-game threads from Rays forums

One great way to take the pulse of Rays fandom is to see what kind of thread titles are popping up in on the message board. Here's a look at what Rays' fan is thinking before tonight's series with the Chicago White sox begins:
  • What is up with Pat Burrell?
  • Price
  • let the losing begin
  • Jeff Niemann tell the Sox to STFD!
  • Rays record 4-5 (same as 2008)
  • Stop
  • The season so far. IMO
  • Fire Joe Madden Thread
  • 2009 Evan Longoria 54 homeruns 154 RBI's (0.345 BA)
  • The Rays Are Finished
  • Is Balfour hurt?
  • Thank you for developing Upton!!! this one is from a Red Sox fan
  • It's APRIL!!!
  • Na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye carppy tampa!!!! :)
  • I hope Balfour was watching Bruney tonight.
Okay, you get the picture. Good entertainment. Go Rays!

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