Friday, April 10, 2009

Morning Round-up: Edge of your seat Percy edition

That's it. The Rays started the season much the way they ended it... handling the Red Sox in Fenway. It used to be a house of horrors for them until a Dan Johnson home run changed the balance of power.  Now, the Rays seem to know how to get it done.

He's a round-up of what they're saying around the web:

Times writer Marc Topkin gets some quotes from closer Troy Percival and manager Joe Maddon about yesterday's wild 9th inning.  To sum it up: A save is a save is a save.  I agree with the manager on this one, for now.  I thing there's really not a better alternative until Izzy gets healthy.  The business of closing baseball games is a bottom line-buinsess. It's all about the saves and blown saves.

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe wrote an article reminding Red Sox fans "Just in case you forgot who carried the banner of the American League into the 2008 World Series . . ."  Nice article.  I'm not sure people around baseball are yet convinced that the Rays are still for real. But, I will say that there's no doubt in the minds of Red Sox nation that the Rays will be around all year.  Honorable mention for the Sox fan who commented after the story that "We'll show these Devils a thing or two once we get our SS back and the weather warms up." The weather warms up? Really?

The Boston Herald's John Tomase acknowledged the Rays defense as a big reason for the series victory. The Rays defense will only get better with Upton back in the lineup.  But, Carl Crawford looked absoulely sick during this series. It's good to have him back healthy.

Looking ahead Baltimore Sun columnist Rick Maese sums up some of the Orioles' bullpen concerns in this article following their series victory of the New York Yankees.  I didn't watch too much of the Orioles/Yankees series except for the final game.  The big key for the Rays will be not to overlook this team ahead of the home series against the Yanks.  The Rays will get their 4/5/1 pitchers.  Hopefully, they can get to the bullpen early.

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