Monday, April 27, 2009

This guy's pumped! Are you?

It's time Rays! The losing has to stop now... The Rays have only one series before the return home to face the Boston Red Sox.  They need to use this Minnesota series to get warmed up! I bet this guy will be outside Tropicana Field as early as tomorrow to get ready for Thursday night's big game.

Thanks to Bud from Spring Hill for the picture of this unnamed fan from Polk County.

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Matty said...

You realize that the Rays have done none of the 10 things you wanted to see this week.

1. Didn't beat a lefty.
2. Didn't finish the road trip strong.
3. No straight sweep.
4. Overlooked Minnesota.
5. Forgot #20.
6. Navarro is still garbage.
7. Bossman still sucks.
8. Percival not a factor.
9. Bad at the Trop (still 2-5 by my count)
10. No word on Price.

Have I mentioned that this is a really bad baseball team? Sports goes from year to year, especially baseball. The Rays might finish as one of the worst teams in the American League. Their margin for error is small, and the Rays continue to be lackluster in many areas. Can't hit lefties, make critical errors, pitchers don't get stops in critical innings. Oh, and Toronto and Boston aren't going anywhere. Get used to the AL East cellar, Rays fans.

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