Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Morning Round-up: I miss Longo already edition

It's never as fun reading the news paper the day after a tough Rays loss. And today was no exception. It was compounded by the little blurb that MVP in waiting Evan Longoria will miss a couple of games.  Here is a round-up from this morning as usual my comments are in italics. And don't forget to follow me on twitter or subscribe to my RSS feed on the right.

- As quickly as it began, it ends. The Vicious Circle line-up Maddon's been waiting for loses one of its biggest contributors for the next 2 games.  The St. Pete Times is reporting the Evan Longoria is leaving for California for a "family matter." He will be out for 2 days, replaced by Willie Aybar in the line-up.  This will be an early test for the team. Last year, Aybar and other roll players were able to step-up big time when the main line starters went down. Aybar, in particular, did an excellent job filling in for both Longo and Pena at different times.  Let's hope that carries into this year.

- The New York Times doesn't mince words when they talk about how AJ Burnett and the Yankees "humbled" the Rays last night. I wonder if Joe Maddon will play Brett Gardner differently the rest of the year. Twice, last night, he burned the Rays late in the game on what should've been routine fly balls for Carl Crawford and Bossman Jr.  Instead, both went over their heads leading to doubles and contributing to the Yankees surge at the end of the game.

- In case you were wondering, you still have time to vote today in the weekly poll before this afternoon's Web Wednesday telecast. C'mon Fox Sports/Sunshine Network. Get a new poll already. Is "What team will win the A.L. East?" the best you can come up with?  What do you think the answer will be when you ask that question to Rays fans? Here's a hint: I bet you'll get a different answer from New York, Boston, Baltimore, and Toronto

- Rays and Yankees are all wearing number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson day.


Bud Weber said...

The Rays handed out cowbells to all of the fans Wed night, even those wearing Yankee gear!!!! Not a good thing hearing cowbells for Jeter !!!

Mike said...

Ouch, cowbells for Jeter. That's sad.

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