Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rally Hawk!

This guy got it going last night! Let's see if he can do it again.  The Rays are looking for a win streak tonight against a tough lefty!  Make sure you share this with your friends... and if you're not signed up for the Rays Revolutionary facebook page,  what are you waiting for?


Matty said...

Let's break down the 10 Things you wanted to see this week, and see how the Rays did. In fact, I'm pretty sure they failed miserably in every area.

1. Didn't beat a lefty.
2. Didn't finish the road trip strong.
3. No straight sweep.
4. Overlooked Minnesota.
5. Forgot #20.
6. Navarro is still garbage.
7. Bossman still sucks.
8. Percy is awful as always.
9. Still bad at home (record is still 2-5).
10. No word on Price.

Have you figured out that this is a very bad baseball team? The weaknesses are glaring: Can't hit lefties, can't get key hits, pitchers can't get stops in key innings. Oh, and Toronto and Boston aren't going anywhere. The margin of error for the Rays to compete is very slim, and they're failing in every key area.

Rays fans, get comfortable in that familiar place known as the AL East cellar.

Michael_Rays Rev said...

Nice. 10 Things I wanted to see, becomes 10 things I didn't see. Sad.

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