Saturday, April 18, 2009

Offense + bullpen + Percy = Win

Offense - Check

Bullpen - Check

Percy - Check

It all came together last night for the Rays. Offense, bullpen and Percy all did their part to break the three game home losing streak. Big Game James wasn't quite his dominant self, but you have to give him props for coming back from a rough 6th inning and then getting 4 straight outs before turning it over to the bullpen.

Here are some other things I noticed:

  • The Rays are looking more and more like the team they're playing (White Sox), continuing to use the long ball to win games. Last night was no different, with 5 of the 6 runs coming off home runs. For the year, 30 of their 57 runs have come off homers.  I'm not really complaining, but it is worth keeping an eye on. 
  •  Zorilla is quickly working his way toward replacing a Gabe.  His pinch-hit grand slam in the 6th was a thing of beauty.  I don't think Zorilla will completely replace the Gabes because he's needed as an infield back-up, but he's definitely pushing for more playing time.
  • Percy and the bullpen.  As a staunch defender of Percy last year, I've been hearing it after his blown save the other night.  It was good to see him get a save, especially getting those first two outs quickly. I think the best way for Rays fans to deal with Percy is just to accept he's the closer. When Maddon thinks he can't get the job done, he'll be retired to the DL and we'll see Izzy. Or maybe, just maybe, Percy has something on Maddon that keeps him running him out there.
  • After a great debut, the Vicious Circle line-up is having trouble at the number 1/number 2 spot. Bossman and CC are breaking the circle a bit. Both are struggling right now.  I expect them to eventually come out of it and strengthen the Vicious Circle. But, for now, they look like the cheap imitation bologna on a sandwich of Aki/Bartlett and Longo/Pena. We need them to be fine cut deli meat!


Chris said...

Just once I wish Percy would go 1-2-3. It's possible to make things TOO interesting.

Mike said...

I thought he was going to do it last night until the walk. He was pretty fired up at the ump.

Bud said...

It was nice to be in a position to bring in the "Closer". I hope to see Percy a lot more often.

Mike said...

That's funny. If that's true, than you're the only one in the bay area that wants to see him more often.

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