Monday, April 13, 2009

Joyce says we all can't be as blessed as Longo

Outfielder Matt Joyce got his walking papers back to Durham today to make room for BJ Upton. Marc Lancaster from TBO's Rays Report blog published the news this morning. What I found interesting was Joyce's quote about his teammate Longo.
"I don't feel like I felt as comfortable as I know I can be and played as well as I know I can," he said. "But it was fun to play, it was fun to hit a home run against the Red Sox and help the team win, ran a couple balls down. Obviously you want to hit .500 and hit five home runs like Longoria over here, but we're not all that blessed."
Just confirming what we already knew, Longo is blessed!

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Matty said...

Yeah, no shit Joyce! Pretty every major leaguer now wishes they were as blessed as Longo. At this pace, do you think Evan has a shot at 50 dingers?!?

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