Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rays Round up: Bossman's middle finger edition

Tonight's a pivotal game for the defending American League Champions.  Just like they did against Oakland, they rather easily took game one of the series.  However, this time they need to use that first victory as a spring board to a series win.  They got the 1st win they need to start a streak.  Tonight they can get a streak going while beating a tough lefty pitcher.  I would prefer to not think of Steve Carlton at all while watching the game.  I would prefer to think of Boss man figuratively flipping off the entire Twins fan base (see below).

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Here's the Rays Round-up.  As always, my comments in italics.

- Twins manager Ron Gardenhire says Jeff Niemann "has a little funk to him, a little hitch to his giddy up."  I really have no idea what that means, but it sounded complimentary in a strange sort of Gardenhire way.  Maybe I'll have to call him funky Niemann.

- In case you're wondering, the Twins believe it's a bit of a victory that their starter Scott Baker didn't allow any home runs.  I'm glad the Rays were still able to beat him. Now, I just want to see the Rays beat a lefty tonight and win 2 in a row.

- One Twins fan  says he's waiting on BJ Upton's apology. Here's what he had to say from the Star-Tribune's comment section:

My wife, 16 year old son and 10 year old daughter and I were perched in our favorite seats in section 103, row 5, seats 1-4 enjoying, albeit begrudgingly because of the loss, a Monday night at the Dome. During the bottom of the 5th inning, some fans choose to, as home run porch fans will do, start to chide B.J. Upton, center-fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. In defense, there was no malice of intent in any of the comments directed at Mr. Upton. My family and I have been to more than out fair share of games in the very seats we were in tonight and have witnessed the standard chide to any centerfielder not currently employed by the best team in Major League Baseball, the Minnesota Twins, and, never has the reception been met with what happened tonight. Mr. Upton, as I use the term loosely, decided it would be a good idea to provide the multiple families in our section with a constant use of his middle finger gestured towards us. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of mole hill; but, isn't there a standard by which MLB players should conduct themselves off AND on the field? I await your apology, Mr. Upton.

I'm not completely defending Bossman here.  But, if you're going to insult a man at his place of employment, you can expect a little retaliation.  Twins fan needs to get a grip and blame his fellow fans for yelling Bossman's way.

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