Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gabe or Gabe?

Let's face it, the Gabes are having a rough go of it to start the season.  Between bad base running and dribblers in the infield our Gabes not really exciting the Rays fan base. So, as a public service to the Gabes, Rays Revolutionary is introducing a game called "Gabe or Gabe?"  

The rules are simple: Decide which Gabe is the answer to the following trivia questions, Gabe Kaplar or Gabe Gross or both. Write down your answers and to the facebook link to find out if you're right. Feel free to post your scored below in the comments.

  1. I once played QB for the Auburn Tigers. Gabe or Gabe?
  2. I signed with the Rays for the uneven amount of $1,000,018. Gabe or Gabe?
  3. I have appeared on the cover of several fitness magazines. Gabe or Gabe?  
  4. I have a .167 batting average for my career in the ALDSGabe or Gabe?
  5. I have a .071 batting average for my career in the ALDSGabe or Gabe?
  6. I was unable to get a hit in my only World Series appearance. Gabe or Gabe?
  7. Twice in 2005, I was named the Blue Jays Minor League Star of the Month. Gabe or Gabe?
  8. I was born in California. Gabe or Gabe?
  9. I took a year off and managed in the minor leagues. Gabe or Gabe?
  10. The last team I played for was the Milwaukee Brewers. Gabe or Gabe?
To get the answers go to our Facebook Group page and find the discussion thread. Don't forget to join the group. Space is filling up fast!

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